Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is TDR Transport?

TDR Transport is a small family owned liquid transport company built by drivers and driven by quality. 

We expect a little more from our drivers but we also give a little more. We all have families and understand the need for a quality home life as well as a quality work enviroment.





What do we haul?

TDR Transport is a liquid HAZMAT carrier, hauling primarily soaps, oils, waxes, liquid automotive products and light acids. We are a 48 state carrier, while we do not necessarily force dispatch we expect that our drivers are ready and capable of going wherever the job takes them and getting it done safely and professionally.





What kind of equipment do we have?

TDR Transport is the process of phasing out some of our older equipment and buying new owner op spec 2015-2016 Peterbilt 579's with 13 speed transmissions, refrigerators and APUs. We have also been acquiring 2015 Bulk and Brenner 7000 gallon stainless steel tanks in center drop and rear unload configurations.





What about pay and benefits? 

TDR Transport currently offers starting pay up to 33% of the line haul, paid vacations and holidays, individual and family insurance with company contribution and a 401K program with company match coming this year!!